Our History

CONTAZARA was founded in 1984 with the intention of revolutionizing the basic concept of measurement and invoicing of water consumption and radically exchanging it for the concept of effective and efficient water management. Thus, it is a company with many years of experience in technologically innovative products.

Throughout its history, there have been a number of important milestones that have placed it in a national leadership role, such as being the first Spanish company to develop an intelligent water meter more than 20 years ago. It has also been growing in product range, starting out with a domestic unit and eventually developing large water flow families that make it possible to control the large distribution networks of cities or the most modern irrigation systems. Year by year, it has developed new remote reading units based on technologies such as telephony, GSM/GPRS, radio, etc. In addition, it develops software and web service that aids both in reading and in displaying of the information, data analysis and efficient water management, both at the level of the management company and of the end user.

With regard to its management, the organization has been recognized on numerous occasions with international certifications of standards of recognized prestige at world level in the areas of quality, environment, safety and health or metrology with bodies such as AENOR and LNE, being the first company to obtain some certificates such as Advanced Management ISO 9004 or the one of the new Measuring Instruments Directive Module H1. It has also been recognized in business management excellence awards such as the Business Excellence in Aragon Award in 2004, recognition as a finalist in the Ibero-American Quality Award of 2005 or the highest national honour in 2006-2007 which is the Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence in the modality of Industrial Quality. The company also has a large Test and Calibration Laboratory, also recognized through ENAC Accreditation.

CONTAZARA also collaborates with society in the organizations that are most akin to its mission and vision with the aim of contributing value and returning to society part of the tangible or intangible benefits that the company acquires during its learning and growth process.

All of this, its orientation to innovation in the water sector and excellence in management, make it a leader both for the companies of the world of water and for those who wish to implement the best business management practices.